FlexiContact Plus

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FlexiContactPlus is an enhanced version of our popular free contact component, FlexiContact. It has all the features of FlexiContact, and much, much more.

  • Multiple configurations
    You can configure different contact forms on different pages, with different fields and different destinations. Everything can be customised for each form.
  • Multiple languages
    Multi-language is built right into the component. You don't need any other software.
  • Multiple recipients
    You can configure a list of recipients (for example, departments) that the user can choose from using a dropdown list.
  • Multiple Styles
    FlexiContact Plus comes with a choice of ready-to-use styles, and there's a built-in editor to edit the CSS files.

Form Features

  • Extra fields
    Up to 100 additional fields, including text, numeric, textarea, list-box, checkbox, radio buttons, date picker, file attachment, and "advanced validation". Mandatory fields and prompts have special CSS classes, so you can highlight them however you like.
  • Top and bottom text
    Configure text, images, and plugins to appear above and below the form.
  • Privacy Policy
    Option to require agreement of a statement and/or linked article before the send button is enabled.
  • Confirmation Page
    After a user sends a message, you can display a message that includes any of the information that the user entered on the form. Or if you prefer you can redirect to a different page.
  • Choice of Captcha
    FlexiContact Plus has lots of captcha systems to choose from. There's built-in support for Google's ReCaptcha and NoCaptcha. There's a built-in "distorted text" system with a choice of difficulty levels. There's the pictorial system familiar to FlexiContact users, where the user must select the correct picture. The captcha image packs come free with FlexiContact Plus, and you can specify the size of the images. There's the "Magic Word" system, where the user must locate and enter a pre-defined word or phrase. There's configurable word blocking, where you configure a list of words and phrases that are not allowed. You can also restrict how frequently the same IP address can use your form. You can also use any compatible Joomla Captcha plugin.

Email Features

  • Configurable Email Templates
    You can specify the exact contents and formatting of the emails sent to the admin as well as the user. You can include fixed text and any of the information the user entered on the form.
  • Copy to User
    Configure the form to always send a copy to the user, never send a copy, or show a checkbox for the user to choose.
  • HTML or Plain Text
    Choose whether to send emails as HTML or plain text.

More Features

  • Article Plugin
    The Plugin allows you to add a contact form or a modal popup form
    to any article or a Custom Module.
  • File Attachments
    Add file attachment fields to a contact form and restrict the file types and file sizes that can be attached.
  • Ajax
    FlexiContact Plus uses Ajax to communicate with the server so it never needs to re-load the whole page.
  • Logging and Exporting
    Messages can be logged to the database, with browse, search and export functions. The log includes the sender's browser and IP address. There are also customisable SQL, CSV, and API exports.
  • Logged-in Users
    Username and email address can be auto-filled for logged in users. Captcha can be suppressed for logged in users.
  • Documentation
    Like all our products, FlexiContact Plus is fully documented in a free pdf user guide.
  • Try it before you buy it
    On our Demo Site, you can see the back end and try out different configuration options before you buy.

Purchase Options

We offer a choice of three payment options for FlexiContact Plus. The difference is the length of time you get upgrades for, and whether or not you can ask for support. All our products are open source so you can continue to use them for as long as you want. You can read more about that at Downloads and Licensing, and you can check out the version history to see the kinds of features that tend to get added over time.

Option 1: £10

Updates for 30 days

No Support

You can download the product, and any updates published in the next 30 days.

Experienced Joomla users can normally install and configure FlexiContact Plus without help, but we will not provide support with this option. We will fix bugs but you must provide a detailed analysis of the problem.

Option 2: £20

Updates for one year

Minimal Support

You can download the product, and all updates published in the next year.

One support incident is included which you can use for advice on configuration, or help if you hit a problem. This does not include custom modification of the code, but we will do our best to help with any kind of problem.

Option 3: £40

Updates for 3 years

Full Support

You can download the product, and all updates published in the next 3 years.

We will do our best to help with any kind of problem. Officially we limit this to five support incidents to protect ourselves from a small number of users, but the idea is that with this option, we are here to help you.


You can download the user guide for free. When you have paid you will be able to download the component and the plugin.

FlexiContact Plus Downloads
The latest version requires at least Joomla 3.4.8
FlexiContactPlus User Guide Version 13.02
FlexiContactPlus Component Version 13.02
FlexiContactPlus Plugin Version 9.01
FlexiContact Themes
Image packs for the image captcha system in FlexiContact and FlexiContact Plus.
FlexiContact Theme White Tiles Version 11.01
FlexiContact Theme Black Tiles Version 11.01
FlexiContact Theme Black Version 11.01
FlexiContact Theme Glass Version 11.01
FlexiContact Theme Neon Version 11.00
FlexiContact Theme Toys Version 11.00

Questions about our prices and options? Please see Downloads and Licensing.