Joomla 2.5 and 3.x versions

Version Date Changes
1.08 17 May 2017 Added an Image Functions page, that lets you experiment with the PHP imagefilter() function.
1.07 9 December 2016 Fix for a PHP Notice error that could occur on some systems with version 1.06.
1.06 2 December 2016 New function to execute input PHP code.
URL functions now return the time taken to get the requested page.
1.05 3 November 2016 Supports the Joomla Update System. The Joomla admin interface will automatically notify you of new releases, and you will be able to install them with a single click in the Extensions Update Manager.
One new method on the URL Functions page.
1.04 13 October 2016 Supports using a Google Maps API key to draw the location map.
1.03 21 June 2016 Integrates Adminer version 4.2.5 for compatibility with PHP 7.
1.02 21 February 2016 First public release.